About Amreen Jewellery

Who We Are

Founded in 2022, Amreen Jewellery has always been about empowering women. We are fixated on creating jewellery that inspires self-expression and enhances confidence whenever you wear your jewelry. We are focused on creating top-notch jewellery for your every occasion, whether it’s a quick coffee run or a fancy affair. We are dedicated to becoming a sustainable brand, prioritizing craftsmanship, planet protection, and fair labor laws, piece by piece.

  • Sustainability

    It's important for us to honor our planet, we do that by using 100% recycled brass and eco-conscious plating as well as 100% recyclable packaging with reusable aspects. We continuously look for ways to improve. Our focus is on creating top-tier, socially responsible jewelry at a reasonable price.

  • Artistry

    In a world of basics and neutrals, we emphasize boldness and uniqueness. Every intricate detail in our jewelry pieces is meticulously considered, emerging in one-of-a-kind designs inspired by art and nature. We honor traditional craftsmanship and blend it with modern technology.

  • Empowering Women

    Our jewelry is crafted by women, for women. We aim to create a community where we empower others, offer support, and provide economic opportunities. We strive to help women reach their fullest potential through workshops and partnerships with female artisans. Additionally, we seek to champion causes that enhance women's lives.

Meet the Founder

About Samreen

"Jewellery is something I wear every day and I want it to reflect who I am and what I believe in"

Samreen's enduring passion for art and nature has always driven her, compelling her to infuse her creations with personal inspiration. In 2022, she unveiled Amreen, a brand designed to empower individuals to embrace self-expression and revel in the essence of individuality.

Her mission is to create a brand that is inclusive to all women. She decided to create resizable jewellery made from premium materials, eliminating the need for women to pick between sizing and quality.